Field Data Collection System

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No more pens and paper out in the field. No more wasted time transcribing field notes and manually entering data into your database or spreadsheets. No more painful report creation, cutting and pasting photos as you try to fit your information on a page. There is a better way with the GeoJot+ field data collection system.

Visualize your data with a photo map. GeoJot+ has revolutionized field data collection, mapping, and reporting... by using photos. Partner with Toyo Computers to navigate the changing technology landscape. Want a perfect solution for your field team, Click here to get the quote.


Multilingual Translation & 3D MappingWelcome to Toyo Computers Pvt. Ltd., a professional organization based in New Mumbai, India. Operational since 1997 and serving prestigious clients based worldwide for services like:

Thorough experience in professional execution of projects for these services has resulted in Toyo Computers Pvt. Ltd. serving consistently to clients from diverse fields and locations and receiving repeated orders.


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Golf Course Mapping: For a reputed GPS and Satellite Navigation systems company, thousands of Golf courses were accurately mapped using satellite imagery. All details including the target lines were mapped to be directly used with a GPS or a mobile device.

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Landuse classification for Estates/ Properties: More than a million cadastre estates across German towns and cities were classified based on the usage including building areas, tiled areas, tar/concrete areas, open areas etc. The capture was done using Aerial photos in 3D using digital photogrammetry and orthophotos in 2D digital mapping.

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